Hello! I'm Ethan, a graphic designer and video specialist from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. I love crafting logos and graphics, as well as expertly editing videos. With my creative skills, I can help grow your business with a professional logo, social media graphic, or infomercial. Let’s get started on achieving your creative vision!


Since 2015, I have been working on video production. Beginning with mastering Final Cut Pro, I then transitioned to Premiere Pro and the rest of the Adobe Suite. My experience in the video world begins as a camper at my high school’s Video Production day camp. Later, I became a counselor, teaching kids ages 10 to 15 the basics of video production. At the end of the session, I helped them create short videos to take home to their families. Over the years, I continued to develop my knowledge at WAHS News, my high school’s morning show. Beginning as the Live Events Producer, I produced live streams of every home football game and dozens of other sporting events. During high school, I continued this job and grew the broadcasts to eventually reach thousands of viewers. Through my work, I learned how to gain sponsorships, create and operate live graphics, and lead a crew through a game. My role strengthened by becoming the Sports Executive Producer, and leading WAHS News's sports division, WAHS Sidelines, to new heights. Under my leadership, I grew WAHS Sidelines to over 20,000+ impressions in only 1 year across social media.

Ethan Masel
Ethan Masel


Alongside my video work, I am also highly talented in graphic design. Since 2018, I have been working on perfecting my craft in graphic design, with a particular focus on sports design. I created an Instagram page focusing on Fantasy Football as a way for me to dive right into graphic design. Over the next 2 years, I created 400+ posts reaching thousands of people and growing the account to over 2,400 followers. This platform allowed me to experiment in graphic design and learn the ins and outs of Photoshop and Illustrator. With my work rapidly improving, one of my friends asked me to make him a commitment post for his instagram to announce where he would be attending college. I would go on to make dozens of these posts for various NCAA D1/D2 athletes to help them creatively announce where they would be committing to college. This gave me more experience and helped lead me to begin my logo design and general graphic design business. Today, I am a highly experienced graphic designer who has worked with many businesses on creating logos and creating various forms of graphic design to fit their specific needs.

With both video and graphic design in my creative toolkit, I know that I can help any business with their digital needs. I hope to hear from you soon!